About Us



Lavaca Medical Management Services operates accredited high-complexity clinical reference laboratories concentrating on esoteric toxicology and genetic analysis. We provide services to physician offices, substance abuse clinics, mental health facilities, rehabilitation programs, and much more. Our vision is to deliver to the provider the tools necessary to improve care for one patient at a time.

We realize you have many options for laboratory services. At Lavaca Medical Management Services, we are interested in focusing on the quality of our service. This means that our assays are supported through rigorous validation standards, our staff is talented and resourceful, our reports are issued within 48 hours of sample receipt, and our experts are readily available for report interpretation or consultation.

We stand by our results because we know you depend on them.


Lavaca Medical Management Services recognizes its role within the drug abuse epidemic. We are here to assist healthcare providers in making important decisions regarding the treatment and wellness of their patients.
When working with us, our clients can rely on the professionalism and quality of service that is Lavaca Medical Management Services.