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New Account Queries

If you have a new account with Lavaca Primary Health System or would like to inquire
about how we may provide our services, please contact us through or by phone (205) 539-1194

We can provide:

  • 1. New account paperwork
  • 2. Sample submission requirements
  • 3. Sample acceptance criteria
  • 4. Hardware installation guides
  • 5. Access to the reporting portal
  • 6. Easy to use flow charts
  • 7. Online test ordering

Whatever your needs may be, our resourceful staff will guide you through the setup process.
You can rely on us because that’s what we’re here for.


Have a question for us? Do you prefer to get in touch with an expert?
Would you like to inquire about our test menu or sample collection procedures?
Do you need a faster response?
Please call (205) 539-1194

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